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Award-winning cold pressed rapeseed oil.

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Award Winning Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Wignalls Yallo Ltd is a family owned and run farm, producing an award winning, cold pressed rapeseed oil.

Their cold pressed rapeseed oil is sown, grown, harvested, pressed and bottled on the farm by John and Clare using the highest quality rapeseed, and the land has been lovingly nursed back to life using sustainable farming methods.

They refuse to use any sprays containing neonicotinoids, as they are believed to contribute to the decline of the bees.  They’re a big supporter of these clever insects and the important role they play in the ecosystem and the pollination of the plants.  With this in mind, they grow six metre strips of “bee nectar mix” around the farm, which includes aslike clover, birds-foot trefoil, common vetch, red clover, sainfoin and yellow trefoil.  This means that even when the crop has finished flowering, the bees have another good pollen source.

After the initial launch, the response from customers and chefs was wonderful, and they added a range of infused cold pressed rapeseed oils – Habenaro Chilli, Garlic & Garden Herb, Lemon & Thyme and Cornish Sea Salt & Rosemary, which are available in farm shops, butchers,  delicatessens and garden centres.

Since their  launch, they have won Great Taste 2017 and 2018 for their plain cold pressed rapeseed oil and their Lemon & Thyme,  Lancashire Life Food Product of the year 2017, and Farm to Fork Champion with Speciality Food magazine 2017.

Rich in Omega 3 and half the saturated fat of olive oil, this nutty-tongued king of frying, roasting, baking and dressing is ram jammed full of taste as well as being a healthier choice!

They have Red Tractor, SALSA and Hygiene Rating 5

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