Beacon of Hope and Community in the West End of Morecambe

18 December 2020

For the past 17 years More Music has organised the Winter Lantern Festival with its lantern parade through the streets of the West End of Morecambe. It has been a magical and memorable start to the festive season for residents and school children, a true community celebration.

More Music Winter by Robin Zahler

 This year in its place, More Music has taken on the challenge of lighting up the West End in a different way, creating a project and an outdoor, COVID-19 safe spectacle for anyone passing to enjoy. Keeping the Winter Lantern Festival flame alight, More Music has worked with local artists to decorate the windows of its building with a beautiful lighthouse illuminated from the inside every day from 4 – 8pm, and the results are fabulous.

The installation is made from different kinds of paper and it features a street scene, representing the houses around More Music. The lovely windows of the houses have been made by children from West End Primary school.

Look out for their jam jar lanterns with LED lights in local windows. More Music hopes that this small glow of hope will return next year and the year after and become a feature of the lantern festival in safer times.

Kathryn MacDonald, More Music’s Director said, “We’re delighted that the support of LCC has enabled us to deliver an uplifting and engaging project to mark the beginning of the festive season. We are proud be working with our community in the West End to share an uplifting experience that connects people at difficult time, lights the dark days and offers hope for the future.”

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