Big Screen Romantic Gesture

11 August 2016

A Lancaster couple have enjoyed a big screen romantic moment of their very own at The Dukes cinema.

In a scene worthy of the best chickflick, Luigi Lebaldi proposed to his girlfriend, Kirsty Cole at a private screening of the film they originally saw on their first date.

And, as an extra surprise, the couple’s family and friends were among the audience.

“I wanted the proposal to be a bit out of the ordinary,” said Luigi, a 26-year-old teaching assistant at Central Lancaster High School.

“I thought it would be special to recreate our first date but along with our family and friends this time.”

Luigi approached The Dukes to hire the cinema for the proposal and Programmer, Johnathan Ilott, was happy to accept the unusual request.

Luigi went to great lengths to ensure the day would be extra special for Kirsty, 27, who works at Asda.

“I had arranged to go out with a friend but he had unusually cancelled on me so Luigi said let’s make a day of it together instead but I had no idea what he had planned,” said Kirsty.

Luigi designed the engagement ring along with Firth’s jewellers and treated Kirsty to a new outfit as well as hair and make-up at the Beau Tink salon above Blow Your Top barbers where he is a customer.

When the couple arrived at The Dukes, unbeknown to Kirsty, their family and friends were already seated in the darkened auditorium and the film had begun – as arranged.

The Dukes staff all played their parts perfectly as Kirsty and Luigi were escorted to the back of the cinema and enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada, just as they did ten years ago on their first date as Morecambe High School sixthformers.

However this time, as the credits rolled, Luigi got down on one knee, the lights went up, the proposal flashed on the screen, and all their nearest and dearest were there to join in the celebrations.

“I was speechless and started crying. It was the best day of my life,” said Kirsty.

The Dukes will now always hold a special place in the hearts of the couple who plan to marry in 2018.

Luigi said: “I wanted our engagement to be extra special and I think I succeeded!”

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