Bowland Brewery buzzing with new beehive

22 April 2022

Bowland Brewery in Clitheroe has today announced that they have introduced their own beehive, teaming up with Little Middop Farm in nearby Rimington which is just 6 miles from Holmes Mill, the home of Bowland Brewery.

The honey will go to brewing their honey beer, Bumble – a blonde ale that is lightly hopped with the double addition of honey. Bumble started out as one of Bowland Brewery’s seasonal ales back in 2018 but was moved into its core range following fantastic feedback from buyers and customers.

Andrew Warburton, Operations Director at Bowland Brewery commented:

‘We have always used locally sourced honey to create Bowland Bumble 4% ABV Honey Beer but we felt that it was a fantastic way for us to support the bee population by having our own hive. We’re working with a local farm in nearby Rimington who will keep our bees and help us to harvest the honey we need to create our ever-popular Bowland Bumble Ale.’

‘We have always been inspired by the area of outstandingly natural beauty (AONB) Bowland when creating our beers and we are passionate about supporting this stunning landscape so introducing our own beehives was a natural choice.’

‘The bees will travel throughout the Forest of Bowland and beyond, pollinating many flowers, fruits, nuts and vegetables as they go. Flavours from each come back with the bee and eventually make their way into the honey, creating a unique flavour profile for our beer.’

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