Chorley company secures top spot in security company rankings

31 May 2024

Chorley-based security provider Churchill Support Services has earned the #1 spot out of a pool over 800 companies in the latest UK-wide rankings assessing the quality of security services.

The audit was carried out through the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), a Security Industry Authority (SIA) initiative which seeks to promote quality across the security industry, and to ensure that customers and clients are comprehensively covered. The audit places key focus on service quality, as well as the thorough regulations surrounding modern security.

With more than 830 security companies included in the rankings, local Lancashire contender Churchill Support Services emerged as a leader in the field. Their overall score of 144 out of a possible 145 have placed them at the very top of the latest rankings, released in May of 2024.

A number of different factors contribute to how security companies are ranked by the ACS. The overall dedication and professionalism of a company is assessed, as well as the company’s internal processes, operational capacity, and company-wide competency being meticulously evaluated during the process. It’s a robust evaluation of everything that makes a security business stand out.

Being part of the Approved Contractor Scheme brings with it significant benefits. The scheme is universally viewed as a mark of quality in the security industry, and ensures accountability and openness across the company. It also offers new avenues for innovation and development across the sector.

By adhering to the scheme’s principles, security companies like Churchill Support Services are able to continuously improve and enhance the overall quality of their services, as well as better accommodate the changing needs of the client base. Being part of the ACS means a security company is flying the flag for one of the world’s most well-recognised sectors, and ultimately contribute towards the direction it’s set to move in the future.

All of this combined to allow Lancashire-based Churchill Support Services to outperform many local and national companies, including those with longer histories or greater resources.

A statement from the company read: “Our excellence in the security industry is evident through our exceptional performance year after year. Scoring 144 out of a possible 145 for the past four years showcases our consistency and commitment to excellence.”

This is further supported by testimonials from satisfied customers. Buzz Bingo, a nationwide events organiser, commends Churchill’s “UK coverage, high degree of flexibility, and experienced senior team for their excellent level of support”.

Looking to the future, Churchill Support Services told us they plan to continue their current trajectory and expand on their offerings. Keeping up with innovations in the industry, they tell us they are committed to leading the security industry as it evolves over the next decades, and to delivering the levels of “service excellence” they’ve become known for.

Customers and industry players alike can access the full list of security company rankings on the ACS Pacesetters website.

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