Hotel? Here’s a new TV opportunity

21 April 2010

Dragonfly makes the groundbreaking, primetime documentary series ‘The Family’ and ‘One Born Every Minute’ for Channel 4; ‘The Hotel’ will be the next major project for the company in this genre of television.

We are looking for a small/medium independently run hotel in Britain to be the focal point.  It will be a unique opportunity for one hotel as life behind the scenes is captured for a month on film.  We would like a vibrant hotel with warm and humorous staff which caters for regular customers, summer trade and functions such as birthday parties, weddings or wakes.  The series will give a heart-warming insight into life in 21st century Britain.

The nature of the programme is that it will be a fixed camera documentary series filmed over a 4-6 week period this summer.  It will be purely observational (no directing) and the edit will use the footage from the fixed cameras. Click here to see  The Family or One Born Every Minute

If you’d like to get in touch with the production team then please contact:Anna Izza, LBTB Communication Executive 01257 226614 [email protected]

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