Lancashire Visitor Survey

28 February 2017

Project overview – Lancashire Visitor Survey 

  • To collect up to date information on the origin, profile, behaviour and opinions of day and staying visitors.  
  • To measure the components currently contributing most to visitor satisfaction. 
  • To establish current perceptions and product awareness. 
  • To measure the effectiveness of current marketing and branding.
Key Outcomes
  • Guide the design of responsive tourism products and services to meet the needs of visitors. 
  • Guide the development of effective and cost-efficient promotional tactics and campaigns. 
  • Gauge and assess Lancashire’s market position in terms of how the destination is perceived by visitors
  • Identify which market sectors are likely to generate repeat /new custom

Profile of visitors

  • More than half from C1/C2 socio economic group
  • Family groups and couples are the main visitor groupings
  • Average group size: 2.66
  • Almost equal numbers of visitors from Lancashire and rest of UK
  • 5% are overseas visitors
  • One third are visiting very regularly, weekly or monthly
  • Many more day trippers than staying visitors and majority from Lancashire
  • 25% of people from outside Lancashire visiting for the first time

Awareness of Lancashire, motivations and influences

  • Most know they are visiting Lancashire
  • Main associations: countryside and picturesque villages, heritage and history and the coastal offer
  • Main influences on decision to visit: reputation for family friendly, perception there is great variety, good access
  • Under half use information before or during their visit: main sources friends and family and websites

Trip characteristics

  • Main purpose for visiting: leisure followed by  a holiday or short break. Visiting friends and relations also a reason for many
  • 90% booked a few months in advance of travelling
  • 40% of these booked last minute
  • Main mode of travel is the car, even among local visitors
  • Most popular choice of accommodation is serviced accommodation followed by homes of friends and family
  • Top activities while on a trip: eating out, relaxing and enjoying the scenery, visiting a tourist attraction, visiting the seaside, gentle walking and shopping

Satisfaction levels

  • Lancashire achieves high satisfaction rating for most of its product
  • Higher ratings given for: warmth of welcome, range of place to visit and things to do and range of places to eat and drink
  • 90% Visitors who rate the county highly for overall enjoyment
  • Over 90% were likely to recommend a visit to others.
  • Lower ratings given for shopping scores lowest

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