New era of business success and employee prosperity for Optimum Coatings in Morecambe

3 April 2024

Optimum Coatings, a frontrunner in high-quality complex ophthalmic lenses and lens coatings based in White Lund, Morecambe, has today announced its transition to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) company. This transformation highlights the company’s commitment to recognising the invaluable contributions of its employees and ensuring long-term business stability.

This move signifies a milestone for both Optimum Coatings and the local community, as it brings about increased job security, investment opportunities, and a success story that resonates with Morecambe’s spirit of growth and innovation.

The transition to an EOT model means that the dedicated team members who have driven Optimum’s success now hold a genuine stake in the business. “We’re empowering our employees by giving them ownership,” said Optimum Directors, Paul Bailey and Mark Marland. ‘’Our team is hardworking, committed, and leaders in their field, and now, they are owners of Optimum too.”

This new business structure ensures that every employee-owner shares in the rewards of their hard work and contributes to the company’s future success. It promotes a culture of inclusivity and shared responsibility, where each employee’s role is critical to the company’s overall performance and sustainability.

“The transition to an EOT provides employees with heightened job security. As stakeholders, they play a pivotal role in the company’s decision-making process, strengthening the company’s resilience in the face of economic challenges,” said Mark Marland.

The EOT model also paves the way for increased investment in the business, driving innovation and development. This enhanced financial stability ensures that Optimum can continue to serve its clients reliably while also investing back into the Morecambe community.

“We’re not just building a successful business; we’re creating a legacy of prosperity for our employees and our community,” added Paul Bailey. “Our transition to an EOT is a testament to the potential that lies within Morecambe, and we’re excited to be part of this positive narrative.”

Optimum Coatings invites the Morecambe community to join them in celebrating this pivotal transition. They extend their gratitude for the continued support from their customers and the local community, which has played a significant role in their journey.

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