New listing for 4th generation Lancashire cheesemakers

16 May 2023

Fourth-generation Lancashire family cheesemakers, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, continue to drive the British cheese renaissance with a trio of new listings for Parlick.

With three hard and soft cheeses in the range, Sainsbury’s has Parlick Original (from 17 May), Waitrose will stock Parlick Brie (from 26th July) and Parlick Original and Parlick Olive are available in Morrisons and Booths. RRP £3.50, 150g.

The full Parlick range is also available to buy at Butlers’ cheese store online. All orders are delivered to homes across the country direct from the dairy.

Parlick takes its name from Lancashire’s Parlick Fell, which is just five miles from Butlers’ rural Lancashire dairy. Butlers handmake Parlick with fresh ewe’s milk, giving the cheese a clean, fresh, nutty-sweet flavour.

Naturally nutritious and rich in protein, sheep’s milk contains all 10 essential amino acids, making it a ‘complete’ protein source. Many find it easier to digest than cow’s or goat’s because of its whey protein content.

It’s health benefits like this that are contributing to its growing popularity, as Matthew Hall, fourth-generation owner at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, explains:

“Sheep’s milk is a traditional milk that suits modern-day life. We’re seeing a strong resurgence in the popularity of sheep’s milk cheese driven by the health conscious, as well as fans of quality British farmhouse cheese.

“We’ve had hundreds of messages from our customers telling us how much they love Parlick the minute they try it. To taste, many find it similar, but perhaps a little creamier than cow’s milk cheese, and not as strong in taste or aroma as goat’s.

“Our new supermarket listings mean more people can try, and love Parlick, but it also means we’re able to awaken new shoppers to the quality, flavour and excitement of British speciality cheese across the fixture – and that’s really exciting for me as we continue to pioneer British cheesemaking in everything we do.”

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses has been handmaking specialist British hard, blue, and soft cheese with milk from its own herd since 1932. It is now the biggest British cheesemaker and supplier of sheep’s milk cheese in the UK.

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