NWCRC has joined the Lancashire Partnership Against Crime

12 July 2023

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre (NWCRC) has joined the Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC) to work closely together to help businesses reduce their risk of crime.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Maddocks – NWCRC & NWROCU

Both organisations already work closely with businesses across the Lancashire region to educate and share knowledge in order to prevent crime as much as possible. This working partnership has cemented their existing relationship to reach as many businesses as possible.

The NWCRC organisation has also just won the Best Non-operational Problem Oriented Policing Award 2023 by Greater Manchester Police.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Maddocks of the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (NWROCU) and NWCRC said: “Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing crimes and by its nature is incredibly difficult to catch the people responsible.

“Our key messages are always that businesses need to be aware of the risks, what the risks are and how to protect themselves from cyber breaches as much as possible.

“We look forward to sharing our advice, education and resources with businesses across Lancashire in association with LANPAC.”

Eleanor Adshead, LANPAC co-ordinator, said: “We are delighted that The North West Cyber Resilience Centre have joined LANPAC as associate members, and we look forward to working in partnership with them. No doubt our partnership will help in protecting the people of Lancashire.”

Working with the NWROCU, the NWCRC is part of a nationwide network of nine regional Cyber Resilience Centres. The NWCRC’s role is to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and third-sector organisations to reduce their vulnerability to cybercrime and educate them on how best to protect themselves.

The NWCRC was set up in Greater Manchester in 2019 as a pilot scheme to support businesses in the region with the growing threat of cybercrime and cyber fraud. It was so successful that it was expanded for the North West region, rolled out to other areas across England and Wales, and included in the HM Government National Cyber Strategy 2022. As a result, the NWCRC membership continues to grow at pace year on year.

Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC) is a unique collaboration between Lancashire Constabulary, Lancashire businesses and public services working together to reduce levels of crime and disorder across the county. The partnership is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee and its primary role is to support various crime prevention and community safety schemes throughout Lancashire submitted by the local police on behalf of the community.

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