Tall Order Delivered to Blackpool Zoo

28 July 2015

Three beautiful new giraffes have been welcomed at Blackpool Zoo following a major logistical operation to get them to their new home ready for the summer holiday season.
The trio of hybrid giraffes, Tiye, Olympia and Eve have joined existing residents, Sonia and O’Grady at Giraffe Heights and are already loving their new surroundings.

The three female newcomers have travelled from Marwell Zoo in Hampshire and Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland following a carefully planned logistical operation by ferry and road in specially designed trailers – meaning low bridges were a definite no go!

Tiye, who is seven years old, is the tallest of the three standing at an impressive 16ft, whilst the smallest, Olympia, who is two years old, is just 11ft. Eve, who is three, is 13ft.

Adam Kenyon, Section Head of Large Mammals at Blackpool Zoo, said: “We are delighted to welcome three new additions to Blackpool Zoo and, as the correct name for a group of giraffes is a ‘tower’ you could say they are the new ‘Blackpool Tower’!

“The introductions were a complete success and they are all together and integrating well.
“Giraffes are such majestic creatures and one of the world’s most popular zoo animals – it really is hard not to stand and stare at them all day!

“Tiye is an absolutely beautiful giraffe who has a calm and inquisitive personality, while Olympia is very bold and confident. Eve is certainly the bravest and most mischievous of the three!

“It is wonderful to see them all together in their new home, which they share with our pair of Blesbok antelope, an animal that also hails from the plains of Africa.

“All the girls will be taking part in our giraffe feeding experience this summer, when members of the public get the opportunity to hand feed these amazing creatures.”

Giraffes are the tallest animals on the planet and can grow as tall as 20 feet tall.

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