Time capsule concealed in The Blackpool Tower Circus for Future Generations

3 March 2022

A time capsule has been placed within the newly refurbished tower leg recess of The Blackpool Tower Circus, to mark the countdown to its official reopening next month.

Time Capsule, Blackpool. Picture Jason Roberts

Packed with handwritten letters, photographs, messages from local school children and even a lateral flow Covid test and mask, the capsule has been hidden away for future generations to discover within the top of one of the four legs of Blackpool Tower.

The idea to create the capsule came after construction workers found signatures inscribed in the ceiling of the circus while carrying out recent renovations; with the writing dating back to 1900.

These are thought to be the signatures of a W. Ranmor and Edwin Smith, dated March 25th, 1900 and April 6th, 1900 respectively.

Keen to leave a lasting memory of 2022 and preserve the Circus’ history, the Tower’s team worked with the local community to give a snapshot into 2022 life, news and culture.

The contents also include a gifted school book from Westminster Primary Academy in Blackpool, filled with memories, messages and images from pupils.

Current copies of The Blackpool Tower Ballroom and Circus brochures have also been placed inside the capsule, together with a USB with video footage of the 4D Experience from the Tower Eye, a view which will most likely evolve and change over time.

News articles of today and a personal note from General Manager, Kenny Mew, addressed to the future Blackpool Tower General Manager, has also been included.

The time capsule comes as the much-loved Circus, which is the world’s oldest permanent circus arena, prepares to reopen following routine restoration works.

It is now less than one month until audiences will be able to take their seats in the 1300-capacity arena once again, with the first performances scheduled for April 2nd.

Kenny Mew with Time Capsule, Blackpool. Picture Jason Roberts

Kenny Mew, General Manager of The Blackpool Tower, said: “The time capsule is a moving collection of memories that tell the story of our present-day Blackpool Tower and all the lives it has touched.

The Circus holds a special place in the hearts of so many people and it is steeped in heritage, which was proven by the discovery of signatures which dates back more than 100 years.

We wanted to create a piece of history for future generations to find and prompt them to learn about this point in time.

In 100 years, Covid will hopefully be another part of history, so it will no doubt be fascinating for people to hear about audiences wearing face coverings and us all doing regular lateral flow tests. The view from the top of the Tower is likely to change over the next century too, so it will be interesting for them to see the changes which have taken place over our lifetimes.”

For more information and to buy tickets for the 2022 Blackpool Tower Circus, visit: https://www.theblackpooltower.com/explore/attractions/the-blackpool-tower-circus/

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