BioBlitz at Heysham Nature Reserve

23 June 2017

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust is holding a Connecting to Nature project at Heysham Nature Reserve for a race to find as many bumblebees, insects and plants as possible in a day.

For anyone who enjoys nature and wants to learn more, we need your help to find as much wildlife as we can. The drop-in event includes a series of walks and activities throughout the day, including moth recording, insect searching and pond dipping. With interactive activities for children, grown-ups, beginners and experts alike there is something for everyone at our BioBlitz.

A ‘BioBlitz’ is a fun family event where expert naturalists and members of the public work together to do a fast and intensive survey of all forms of life in a natural space. Everything people see or find is written down to make a list of species records which feed into national databases that monitor our wildlife.

Starting at 10 am on Saturday, 1st July until 6 pm, there will be wildlife experts on hand to help participants get to grips with recording species or just finding out more about what species can be found at the Nature Reserve.

Emma Garston, the Connecting to Nature project officer said: “The BioBlitz is a great way to get involved and learn about the Reserve’s wildlife. For its size Heysham supports an incredibly diverse range of habitats and their associated species from birds, butterflies, bees and dragonflies. This is a great opportunity to record as many as we can.”

To learn more about the day, email [email protected] or call the reserve office on 01524 855030.

Your local Wildlife Trust and EDF Power Station’s Visitor Centre are joining forces to provide an educational afternoon on Tuesday 11th April at both Heysham Nature Reserve and the Visitor Centre. Dropping in and out at your leisure from 1.00 – 4.00 pm, you will need to park at the Visitor Centre to take part in activities there and then walk up steps to the Reserve for a variety of wildlife activities and self-led trails. We look forward to seeing you there. Our event is free and requires no booking and only the Visitor Centre and Reserve classroom activities are suitable for wheelchair access. Alternative parking is available at the Reserve with those with wheelchairs or prams. For all information and parking enquiries contact Heysham Power Station Visitor Centre on 01524 868451 or [email protected]. Heysham Visitor Centre is located at Heysham Power Stations, EDF Energy, LA3 2XH and Heysham Nature Reserve is on Money Close Lane, Heysham, LA3 2UW. Alternatively contact 01524 855030 for any Reserve enquiries.

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