Blackpool Ride The Lights – Live Game

22 August 2014

This year as part of VisitBlackpool’s Ride the Lights on Tuesday 26 August, LeftCoast is giving you and your bike the chance to take part in a game in which you’ll become a ‘Light Seeker’ in order to save the lights from being plunged into darkness.

Created by Danish light artist and play expert Tine Bech, you are invited to take part in this new cycling challenge game designed to enhance the Illuminations experience. Part exploration, part light experience, Light Seekers is a game where you set out on a quest to save the last ‘Light Keepers’ by bringing them light before darkness takes over and they lose their power– making the lights go dark, forever.

In order to take part in the game, you’re invited to the Comedy Carpet where you will fit your bike with special game lights, find out how the game works and receive your first clue to help you track down the dying Light Keepers waiting to be saved.

Each Light Keeper will test you and reward you by changing the colour of your bike, and giving you a clue which leads you to the next Light Keeper. You’re encouraged to take your own Light Seekers Selfies as you make your way around the course – but beware, Dark Matter will be on the hunt for you to try and stop you completing your quest by stealing your colour and light.

Light Seekers creator, Tine Bech, said:

“I am thrilled to develop the Light Seekers for LeftCoast as part of VisitBlackpool’s Ride the Lights and have been really inspired by the Blackpool and the Illuminations. Light Seekers incorporates values that are important to my art practice: playfulness, social interaction, and all the interesting materials around us that are beautiful. I look forward to seeing just how stunning an experience it can be.”

The Light Seekers game starts at 8pm and is suitable for all ages and groups, or families are especially welcome.  Anyone is also welcome to come to the LeftCoast free LightCycles workshop on the Comedy Carpet from 12 midday to 6pm on Tuesday 26 August, before the Light Seekers game and Ride the Lights. At the workshop you’ll be able to use free materials and work alongside professional artists to decorate your bike with lights.

For more information or to book your place in the Light Seekers game visit and visit the Things to Do section. You can also share your Light Seekers Selfies on Twitter or Facebook on the night using #lseeker to battle online for ‘Best Colour’. to plan your next short break 

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