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7 July 2016

In the 2014 Anholt Nations Brand Index Survey, one of the two areas of relative weakness for Britain for Chinese visitors was around perceptions of ‘welcome’. As part of our ongoing training programme, Marketing Manchester is aiming to address this by running a series of China Welcome courses over the next 6 to 12 months so that we can become the most welcoming region in Europe.

This open course, which is well suited to a range of management and front line staff, is delivered by Capela China and can help you create a better experience for your Chinese visitors, encourage them to buy more and attract more Chinese visitors. It is certified by the prestigious China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) and has been awarded VisitBritain's GREAT China Welcome Charter Mark, meaning successful participants automatically meet the criteria to join VisitBritain's leading China programme.

Where:  Marketing Manchester, Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 6EU
When:  July 12th, September 14th, October 20th and November 17th
How much: £145 pp + VAT

Course contents:-

China Welcome Training (Quality Host – one day)

This course equips both customer-facing and marketing-oriented individuals with valuable insights into the motivations for China’s outbound tourism and the expectations and needs of Chinese visitors to the UK. There are 4 modules:

1. Chinese Travellers Abroad

Useful, relevant and practical background information about Chinese outbound tourism, particularly into the UK

2. Chinese tourists’ motivation, needs, expectations and behaviour

Chinese attitudes towards foreign travel, why they travel, what they hope to achieve through travelling, with particular focus on shopping and eating habits. Also looks at different types of traveller.

3. Product Adaptation and Marketing

How to tailor your individual product or service to best match Chinese needs and expectations. Creating a story to make your destination or product memorable, ways of establishing your name and reputation in China.

4. Chinese language, service and ambience

Communicating with or without knowing the language. Ways to use Chinese with signs and technology to compensate for not speaking the language. Service expectations of Chinese customers.

For bookings, please contact [email protected]

*Please note, if 2 or more delegates from an organisation complete the China Welcome training course, it automatically qualifies for the COTRI Quality Label at no extra charge. Please note, this certification is well recognised in China, as illustrating your commitment to the Chinese market.

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