Fussy Filly shop at Shores Hey Farm wins Equestrian Retailer of the Year

27 October 2021

HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) are delighted that their tack shop, The Fussy Filly, has been awarded the Spillers Equestrian Retailer of the Year 2021.

The Fussy Filly, which belongs to the Charity, sells new and used equestrian items and was developed during the pandemic to offer a wide range of equestrian equipment and children’s toys at ‘Not so Fussy Prices’.

The Equestrian Business Awards has been launched for the recognition of small equestrian businesses. During tricky times they wanted to raise the profile and award for the hard work, achievements and support that they provide to every aspect of horse ownership and riding.

Laura Brown, HAPPA’s Head of Income Generation and Manager of the shop, travelled to the prestigious awards ceremony in Nottingham and was absolutely delighted when she heard the announcement that The Fussy Filly had been picked as a winner. With 5,491 nominations for 2,300 businesses and professionals across 14 categories, the Charity was already delighted to make it through to the shortlist.

Laura Brown explains “I hadn’t really thought about what I would say or do if we won. The further we got through the awards I started to think, what an earth am I going to say if we win? Not many things can make me speechless, but hearing The Fussy Filly’s name called certainly did the trick.”

Sarah Arthur, HAPPA’s Chief Officer, says of the Award “During the pandemic we very quickly needed to change our approach to fundraising, meeting the needs of customers and ensuring that the Charity was able to survive a reduction in event fundraising income was high priority. This is when the journey began to extend The Fussy Filly offering onsite and online, including the relaunch of an ecommerce site, LIVE online tack auctions and opening a bigger, brighter shop at Shores Hey Farm in Burnley, where horse owners and pony enthusiasts can shop.

To lead these changes we needed someone with a phenomenal amount of enthusiasm and a flair for creative thinking. Laura Brown really was the person for the job, she successfully took up the reins and threw herself into a new era for HAPPA and The Fussy Filly. It is heart-warming to know that the hard work put into this has been recognised through receiving this industry award. A special thank you to all our shoppers, all involved in making the offering exceptional and of course those that donate second hand tack items so we are able to raise funds for our future.”

HAPPA would like to appeal to horse owners and riding enthusiasts to shop at The Fussy Filly at Shores Hey Farm, or online at www.thefussyfully.co.uk, and do their bit for equine welfare. All profits raised ensure that the Charity is able to continue to ‘Give a Second Chance to Neglected, Abused and Unwanted Equines.’


Founded in 1937, in the fight against transportation of horses to the continent for slaughter, HAPPA is one of the oldest and most respected of equine charities in the UK. The organisation has a Rescue Centre in Burnley, Lancs which can accommodate 60 equines at any one time at a cost of almost £20,000 each week, as well as a large number of equines on loan in private homes

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