Jumbo sustainability for World Water Day!

22 March 2017

Blackpool Zoo has taken delivery of its first massive elephant house resident just in time for World Water Day – a gigantic rainwater-harvesting tank!

World Water Day, which takes place on March 22nd, is a UN initiative aimed at reducing the struggle faced by over 660 million people across the world to access clean drinking water
This year’s World Water Day theme is ‘Why Wastewater?’ which is encouraging people to re-use wastewater.

With a capacity of over 55,000 litres, the tank forms a huge part of the zoo’s sustainability plans within the multi-million pound investment, which will open this summer.

The rain and surface run off water collected will be used to clean the elephant house, wash the residents, power the sprinkler system and fire the water cannons in the elephant’s 225 square metre pool.

The tank has been buried next to the new building, which is one of the largest elephant houses in the UK. Pipes will collect rainwater from the roof and it is then filtered as it reaches the tank to ensure no large debris such as leaves settle and contaminate the water.

Darren Webster, Managing Director at Blackpool Zoo, said: “Conservation and sustainability are two key priorities for us here at Blackpool Zoo and this rainwater harvesting tank is just one part of our on-going efforts.

“For every hour of moderate rainfall the tank should collect 4,500 litres of water, which will go a long way to meeting the water needs of our elephants. We will use the harvested water for everything apart from drinking water for our residents.

“Everyone was very excited when it was delivered and we are all looking forward to seeing the results.”

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