Partington’s Holiday Parks donate £12,000 to help fund Doherty’s Destiny’s ‘Positive Mindset Programme’!

9 February 2022

Partington’s Holiday Parks have proudly supported Doherty’s Destiny since 2019. As a Lancashire based, family-run company we admire the charities’ inspirational objective to promote positive mental health in the local young people of Lancashire.

In order to help Doherty’s Destiny continue their incredible work in the local community, Partington’s have proudly donated £12,000 in aid of the ‘Positive Mindset Programme’.

The ‘Positive Mindset Programme’ has been specially developed by Doherty’s Destiny and will be held in high schools locally for young people aged 11-16. The programme runs for 6 weeks in each school, focusing on building resilience, developing a growth mindset, strengthening relationships and encouraging self- care. These skills are all incredibly important as they allow individuals to develop mechanisms to protect themselves against experiences that could be overwhelming and stressful, therefore providing young people with their very own toolkit to create a happy and healthy life.

It is proven that early intervention, including promotion and prevention strategies, have the potential to produce the greatest impact on young people’s mental health and wellbeing and with the increasing concern around young people’s mental health, programmes like this are simply invaluable.

Partington’s are honoured to support Doherty’s Destiny and we admire everything they are doing in order to improve and positively impact the mental health of local young people.

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