Plans for mammoth investment submitted by Blackpool Zoo

18 January 2016

Blackpool Zoo has submitted plans for the biggest ever single investment in its 44-year history.

An exciting £2.5 million project to build a new elephant facility has been proposed for currently unused zoo land which will be home to a family of one of the largest land mammals on earth – the endangered Asian elephant.

The zoo already has one Asian elephant, Kate, who was the first animal to arrive before the attraction opened in 1972 when she was just four years old.

Kate will remain in the current elephant enclosure whilst the proposed works take place, and will be the first resident in the much larger luxury pad when it is completed.

Darren Webster, Managing Director at Blackpool Zoo, said: “Our long term aim is to be home to a breeding herd of this magnificent, endangered species and this is the first step towards realising this goal.”

 “Blackpool Zoo is committed to continuous improvement to ensure people keep returning again and again.

“In recent years we have invested millions of pounds in improving facilities for our residents and visitors, with the largest so far being a £1million project to build Orangutan Outlook.

“This new investment is more than double this and it represents a very exciting time for Blackpool Zoo.”

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