Lancashire textiles company launches a new brand of sustainable textiles

During one of the toughest times for the hospitality industry ever, leading global textile company, Vision Support Services, has launched – ecopure – a new brand of sustainable textiles.

ecopure offers the most innovative and ecological products, helping textile services and the laundry industry achieve their own ecological goals. The ecopure product range offers everything required to produce a complete and eco-friendly guest room from duvets to pillows, to flat bed linen, towels, bathrobes and slippers.

One of the biggest trends in hospitality for 2020 is that of the eco-conscious guest. The current spotlight on climate change has made hotel guests increasingly aware of environmental responsibility. Research published reveals that 60% of travellers who are loyal to a hotel brand say that the brand’s corporate responsibility is a key factor in their loyalty.

The world is now listening and reacting to the negative impact and implications of human consumption on the planet. This clear eco movement is now touching all industry sectors, of which hospitality is waking up to. This is proven across the global hospitality brands:

– voco, an upscale lifestyle hotel brand launched by IHG in 2018, built on sustainability

– IHG’s Green Engage system is an innovative environmental sustainability system that gives its hotels the means to measure and manage their impact on the environment

– Accor’s Planet 21 programme, aiming to provide a positive hospitality experience

– Marriott International’s Serve 360 CSR strategy to align responsible business activities with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are a world leading textile company, who supply ethically sourced, high-quality products to the biggest hospitality and retail brands in the world including Marriott, Hilton and John Lewis.

Laurie Thomas, Managing Director of Vision Support Services commenting in their anniversary year said

“With hundreds of years of manufacturing behind the Vision name, from James Hargreaves’ spinning jenny to William Liddell’s famous order to the RMS Titanic, it’s an honour to have a flourishing textile business in the heart of East Lancashire.

“What started as an invention, or as an order, or as a mill to what it is now – a truly global company operating from some of the biggest manufacturing jurisdictions across the world, it’s simply down to one thing – our people.

“People don’t buy from companies, they buy from people. And it’s sheer determination, effort, tenacity and dedication to what they do – day in, day out – that makes Vision what it is today. We’re much more than a box of sheets.”

From the beginning, social responsibility and sustainability have been at the heart of Vision as a business. To better serve its customer base, their best-in-class sourcing team have set out to find the most innovative and ecological textiles possible, at this point in time. Through testing materials and designing various prototypes, a unique collection of products has been created to form ecopure. As knowledge and technology evolve to produce products with a more effective and cleaner footprint, these advanced products will be added to the brand.

Across the ecopure range, the products are identified under four essential categories making it easy to identify the strengths of each product:

– Recycled: Turning bottles into recycled polyester for our products and reducing waste ending up in landfill and ocean. Filled products are sourced from GRS certified mills

– Organic: Products made from 100% cotton and carry GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

– Natural: Bypassing the normal and often harsh chemical processes applied to textiles, saving on water and energy and kinder to the planet

– Energy Efficient: Offering lightweight and super absorbent products resulting in easy care, quick laundering and large savings on water and energy

The interest received so far from our customers has been incredible, with the ability to offer a complete product line dedicated to sustainability, unlike many other supplier only able to offer one or two product lines.

We believe we really can make a difference. For more information, visit