Message from Chief Executive Rachel McQueen following PMs latest announcement

I am sure that you, like us, have been searching for some clarity on what the new national lockdown will mean for businesses and individuals since the announcement yesterday. Amidst all the comment on whether it is the right thing to do or whether it should have been done sooner, we really need to know what support will be available, plus if and how businesses will be able to access the extra support that was to be made available when we went into tier 3, the impact of which has already been taking its toll.

We are tracking all announcements and will share any news with you as soon as we have it. We are also in direct communication with DCMS and so if you have any specific queries please do share them and we will do our best to get an answer for you. The general Government announcement can be found here:

And a press release about grants and furlough can be found here:

We obviously welcome the extension of the furlough scheme, which will be more generous for employers than it was in October, back to Government paying 80%, with the employer only covering pension and national insurance contributions. Since July, employers have been able to bring back employees part-time, and furlough them for the rest. This will continue.

To be eligible for this extension, employees must have been on the payroll by 30 October 2020, but they don’t need to have been furloughed before. While the government updates the system, employers will submit their wage claim to the government, and be refunded afterwards. After that, they will be paid upfront to cover the cost.

Our understanding is that furlough will then end in December, when England hopefully comes out of lockdown. We expect regions will then be classed into tiers as before, and the Job Support Scheme will kick in.

We will continue to update our website and social channels  @MarketingLancs as we receive information, but in the meantime please look after yourselves and each other.