Spray that can protect against Covid-19 for up to 90 days

A major weapon in the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19 has been launched in the UK.

Scientists say the product can be sprayed or wiped on to any surface and protect it from the virus for up to 90 days.

The anti-virus spray has undergone rigorous independent laboratory tests and is based on a tried and tested formula that has been used to combat the spread of viral and bacterial diseases in hospitals for many years especially on curtains around beds.

ShieldPlus has been developed by UK-based anti-microbial fabrics specialist Panaz, who supply the NHS and the global healthcare industry. Their specialised fabrics have already helped stop the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals worldwide.

Tony Attard

Tony Attard, chief executive of Panaz, said: “We believe our product could be a game-changer in helping economies get back to life. Its potential applications are countless.

“It could be the key for a return to work for thousands of people who are still working from home as an application could make office and factory environments so much safer for a long period of time. That in itself would get the economy up and running again.”

Previously, the formula was only impregnated into textiles but now Panaz has developed it so that it can be bottled to help protect people during their everyday lives by applying it to any surface.

Mr Attard said: “We first created the formula almost 20 years ago to use on textiles. It was at the time when MRSA and the other super bugs were rife, and people were suffering hospital acquired diseases. We used the treated textiles on hospital bed cubicle curtains. The formula attracted and then killed off bacteria which significantly tackled the superbug issue.

“Since Covid-19 struck we have developed the formula so that it can be distributed in containers and used as an effective spray on all kinds of surfaces killing off and protecting against not only bacterial infections but viral as well.”

Soap and some detergents destroy and prevent the short-term development of bacteria and viruses but the Panaz product goes much further by providing protection on surfaces or fabrics for up to 90 days.

Covid-19 can live on unprotected surfaces like cardboard for 24 hours, wood two days, cloth two days, glass four days and the outside of surgical masks seven days.

But treated with the water-based spray the virus would be killed immediately and the surface protected for up to three months.

Mr Attard said: “ShieldPlus works when other products stop. Long after the present coronavirus has been addressed it will still be available to protect us against any future outbreaks of viral and bacterial infections.”