Whalley Artisan Market - a testament to community resilience

Crafty Vintage's monthly artisan market is a triumph in collaboration

Crafty Vintage is a trailblazing company that has pioneered the concept of pop-up markets across Lancashire. Through their flagship event, the Whalley Artisan Market, they continue to nurture start-up enterprises, bring together like-minded individuals who are passionate about craft and design, and demonstrate the power of grassroots initiatives.

Here, director and founder Laura Johnson puts local markets in the spotlight. 

“Crafty Vintage, continues to highlight the stark contrast between our thriving Whalley Artisan Market and the struggles faced by traditional markets in mill towns. While attempts to revitalize these traditional markets have faltered due to a lack of profitability and disconnection with local communities, Crafty Vintage’s approach has exemplified community resilience and creativity, standing as a testament to the power of grassroots initiatives.

The Whalley Artisan Market’s triumph is a result of collaboration, creativity, and unwavering dedication. It is a testament to the power of grassroots initiatives that harness the spirit and aspirations of local communities. While traditional markets have faltered under the weight of outdated systems and disconnected leadership, Crafty Vintage has tapped into the potential of its community, fostering an environment where creativity thrives, and entrepreneurial dreams become reality.

Crafty Vintage acknowledges the challenges faced by traditional markets and the need for meaningful support from policymakers who understand the intricacies of community-driven initiatives. It is crucial for politicians to actively engage with local communities, listen to their needs, and provide the necessary resources and guidance to revive traditional market halls in mill towns. By doing so, they can create an environment that fosters innovation, encourages entrepreneurship, and supports the revitalization of local economies.

Crafty Vintage stands ready to share their experiences and insights with policymakers and advocates for the revitalization of traditional markets. We believe in the power of collaboration between community stakeholders and policymakers to create sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous marketplaces that resonate with the local identity and attract both locals and tourists.”

For more information www.craftyvintage.com