The Blackpool Tower gets a brand new heart!

Source: VisitBlackpool 4 September 2019
Blackpool Illuminations 2019 Switch on.

The world-famous Blackpool Tower has got a brand new illuminated heart in its 125th birthday year.

The giant heart on the front of the structure has been completely rebuilt and re-fitted with new-style light nodes in time for the 2019 Illuminations display which runs for 66 nights until November 3.
It is part of a gradual replacement of the lighting on the Tower legs aimed at reducing the number of faults caused by exposure to extreme weather conditions and salt air.

For the coming Illuminations season, the west face of the Tower “stick” will be illuminated along with the Tower top and the heart.

The replacement of lighting on all faces of The Tower will follow from next year subject to successful testing of the new nodes on the heart over the coming months.

Cllr Gillian Campbell, Deputy Leader of Blackpool Council, said: “The lighting on The Tower has to be constantly maintained simply because of the beachfront location and severe weather conditions that often come in from the Irish Sea.

“For this season, we are trialling a new form of lighting nodes on the heart to determine how much better they stand up to the conditions.

“That work has now been completed and the heart reinstalled on the front of The Tower. It looks fantastic and we are delighted it is in place for this milestone anniversary year along with the lighting on the west face and The Tower top.

“It is a little disappointing that we cannot light up the whole of The Tower for the coming Illuminations season, but replacement of lighting on such a large scale structure cannot be achieved overnight.”

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