Winter Gardens Blackpool welcomes The Champions of Tomorrow from across the world

10 January 2024

The Champions of Tomorrow has kicked off its annual programme of dance events at the Winter Gardens Blackpool showcasing the best of British dancing as well as welcoming dancers from all over the world including China.

The 3-day event has seen over 5,500 entries, a 35% increase from 2023 and the largest entry numbers for single dance competitors to date. With twenty-five International judges five floors of the Winter Gardens Blackpool complex, including the new Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre, were utilised during busy sessions.

The estimated economic impact to the resort is £1.4m and underlines the importance of Winter Gardens Blackpool promoted dance events to the town and wider region.

The packed dance programme included both adults, teachers and children competing in Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence.

Michael Williams, Managing Director, Winter Gardens Blackpool said: “This has been an exciting start to our annual programme of dance for 2024.

“With more entries than ever before, we have witnessed some fabulous competitors take to the floor and it has created real excitement across the resort. It has paved the way for another spectacular year of competitions in the magnificent Empress Ballroom.”

A team from Malta arrived in Blackpool, ahead of the start of the competition, with over sixty competitors in addition to their teachers, family, friends and supporters, occupying more than half of the allocated seats on the plane that they arrived on!

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