Young artists see their winning designs on recycling wagons 

Source: Chorley Council 24 November 2022

The winners of a Chorley Council climate change artwork competition have seen their designs come to life on the side of recycling wagons.

Earlier this year, Chorley Council and waste and recycling partner FCC Environment invited budding young artists to get creative and enter the Chorley Council artwork competition on the topic of climate change.

Entrants were asked to create their design based on one of two climate change related topics:

  • the little things we can do to help tackle climate change
  • your climate action pledge

A shortlist was drawn up from all the entries received and then put to the public vote.

The two winning entries, designed by Jessie age 9 and Olivia age 10, have now been installed on the side of a Chorley Council recycling wagons and on 19 November the winners visited the depot, where the trucks are based, to see their designs for themselves.

Councillor Adrian Lowe, Executive Member of Chorley Council (Customer, Streetscene and Environment) said: “We’re keen to engage with residents of all ages on the topic of climate change and this competition was a great way of getting young people involved. 

“We received some fantastic designs as part of this competition – it’s fantastic that young people are thinking about climate change and what can be done to tackle it.  

“Well done to the two winners, whose designs are looking amazing on the side of the recycling trucks for all of Chorley to see while on their rounds.” 

Competition winner, Olivia, who’s design included a bold and colourful statement about stopping climate change, said: “I found it really cool to be able to see a picture I drew on the side of a lorry. I hope this will convince people to get active to help stop climate change.”

Jessie, age 9, who designed her winning entry based on things we can all do to save the planet, said “Both the designs look really great and I am so proud to be doing my bit to help the planet by sharing the message on the side of a recycling truck. I hope lots of people see it and it reminds them of the ways they can do their bit to save our planet.”

FCC Contract Manager Christopher Greenwood said “recycling trucks and the crews that man them work hard day in day out to collect recycling from people’s homes so new things can be made and I know the crews driving these two trucks will be really proud to be taking the climate change message out to the public. Both designs look great so well done Jessie and Olivia.”

FCC Environment was awarded a contract in April 2019 by Chorley Council to deliver a waste and recycling collections service across the borough to drive recycling up and minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.

More information about how Chorley Council are tackling climate change can be found at: 

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