Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership calls on Government to further its mission to ‘Level Up’ Blackpool’s economy by £1bn

Source: Blackpool Council 31 January 2022

The Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership has today released the latest edition of its Blackpool Town Prospectus aimed at responding to the current and future needs of the local community, and building on the Government’s levelling-up agenda.


The Prospectus, titled “An Agenda For Action 2030” is a long-term strategic vision for Blackpool, positioning the area as a creative, digital, and educational hub for the North West and beyond.

The Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership, founded in 2017 by Business in the Community (the Prince’s Responsible Business Network) is a partnership of the private, public, and voluntary sectors.

Since the launch of the first prospectus in 2018, more than £350m has been invested in the town, including £100m of Government funding.

With an ambition to grow Blackpool’s economy by £1bn by 2030, the Partnership is keen to secure a long-term strategic partnership with central Government to deliver improved housing, health, education, skills and employment, and digital outcomes, and to ensure effective and efficient levelling up for Blackpool and its residents.

Key asks of Government:

· Housing: £100m investment in capital funding to intervene at scale in the failed housing market in inner Blackpool which would involve selective clearance, remodelling of existing properties and the creation of green spaces.

· Communities: Back the Claremont and Revoe plans submitted to Homes England – developed by their local communities – which set out a wider approach to the regeneration of each area, including greening and pocket parks, reducing the density of urban development, improving connectivity across Blackpool, and creating safe spaces for children and families.

· Health: Ensure the Governance of the Integrated Care Partnership delivering tangible devolution to Blackpool so place-based health care can integrate seamlessly with the existing array of complementary social support.

· Digital: Work to utilise and capitalise on the international fibre connection to Europe and the USA to diversify Blackpool and the Fylde Coast’s economy to maximise community opportunities. Support our schools to develop a non-traditional, business-led digital curriculum alongside the creation of a digital education hub that is accessible to all children in Blackpool.

· Education and Skills: Support a successor programme for the Blackpool Opportunity Area until 2030 so we can maintain improvements in educational performance and inclusion, supplemented with targeted support for those who are hardest to reach in our community, making sure there is a place for everyone in the workforce. Support the development of a Multiversity in the town that will inspire all young people and act as the hub to develop a truly inclusive Blackpool workforce.

· Regeneration; Support an extension of the Enterprise Zone Business Rate Relief and Enhanced Capital Allowances until 2025, provide backing for Blackpool’s Levelling Up Fund bids and provide ongoing support for regeneration from the UKSPF. Provide support for the Court’s relocation business case to unlock a major development opportunity in the town. As part of the ‘Restoring your Railway’ programme, invest in reopening the five-mile Poulton to Fleetwood line and a passing loop on the South Fylde line to double rail frequency for commuters and students.

Baroness Jo Valentine, Director of Place at Business in the Community said,

“The collaboration, shared vision and immense sense of civic pride has helped transform Blackpool as an area with opportunities, investment and growth. The Government doesn’t need to look any further to define what levelling up looks like, we have been doing it in Blackpool for years.

“Today’s new and updated prospectus takes our work to the next level, and our key asks of Government are crucial to ensuring that we finish the job.”

Christine Hodgson, Chair of the Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership said:

“The Partnership is grateful to central Government for the significant support received through the numerous funding schemes, including the Town Deal and Opportunity Area, and in turn, Blackpool has delivered on its commitments in relation to these programmes and will continue to do so.

“Thousands of new jobs have already been created, there have been vast improvements in outcomes for young people and the council has made great progress on improving some of the worst housing stock in the town.

“The Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership is committed to securing long term collaboration with central government to deliver ongoing improved economic regeneration, housing, health and educational outcomes for Blackpool.

Cllr Lynn Williams, Leader of Blackpool Council, said:

“This refreshed prospectus reflects our ambition to build on the investment that is already underway to regenerate our town and improve life chances and opportunities for our residents.

“Much has already been achieved but there is much more that can be done in the years ahead. We have demonstrated that we can deliver transformational change if we have the required funding and support from central Government and we trust that Ministers will recognise the potential to deliver its levelling-up agenda here in Blackpool.”

View the prospectus here


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