‘Bookarts’ at Lancaster City Museum

31 March 2015

Talented local artist, Patricia Ramsden, will run a 'Bookarts' workshop at Lancaster City Museum on Sunday 12 April.

From 10am to 4pm visitors can learn about creating their own books, paper folding and 3D techniques.

This workshop is part of the 'King of Cats' touring contemporary art exhibition based on Lancashire folklore running at Lancaster City Museum.

'King of Cats' is funded by the Arts Council.

Heather Dowler, Lancashire County Council's manager at the city museum, said: "Our exhibition showcases the work of five local artists, including Patricia. They have each created art works for the exhibition, in their own style, inspired by local places, stories and folklore.

"The book is possibly the most accessible and portable of all the forms of art. Visitors will be able to spend a day exploring both the delights and the challenges of book arts.

"A range of folding and sewing techniques will be used to create a collection of simple book forms. Participants can take what they have made home with them at the end of the session."

The workshop is suitable for anyone and booking is essential. Entry to the museum is free but the workshop costs £45 to attend. This includes the cost of all materials and equipment used but does not include lunch.

The 'King of Cats' exhibition runs until Sunday 17 May. Opening times are 10am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

The museum is run by Lancashire County Council on behalf of Lancaster City Council.

The workshops are as follows:
'Bookarts' with artist Patricia Ramsden on Sunday 12 April 10am – 4pm
'Characterful Creature Creations' with artist Julie Miles on Sunday 19 April 10am – 4pm
'Clay the Wouda Way' with artist Marjan Wouda on Sunday 26 April 10am – 4pm

Two workshops are also available that will support the continuing professional development of teachers.
These are:
'King of the Cats – Storytelling for Literacy' with artist Jacqueline Harris on Wednesday 15 April 10am – 4pm
'Rain Washes and Resist Moors' with artist Christopher Rainham on Wednesday 29 April 10am – 4pm

For more information about the exhibition or the workshops telephone 01524 64637 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, visit www.lancashire.gov.uk/museums.

For further information please contact: Julie Dobson on 01772 536616
[email protected]

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