UCLan lecturer is Young Scientist of the Year

2 August 2019

A scientist from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has been crowned Young Scientist of the Year by a national society.

Chemistry lecturer Dr Mark Holden received the accolade from the British Association for Crystal Growth, which recognises the work of young scientists in this particular field.

The award is given annually to the candidate achieving the most significant advance in the understanding of the theory, practice or characterisation of crystal growth processes published in the scientific literature in the previous three years.

Mark was nominated for the national award by Professor Fiona Meldrum, his former supervisor at the University of Leeds, following the publication of a paper in Science Advances.  The paper focused on ice nucleation from liquid water and aimed to understand the factors controlling the formation of the first ice crystals on surfaces.

Mark, who began working as a chemistry lecturer at UCLan in January of this year, said: “I am absolutely delighted to receive this award. This is a significant moment in my career. To be recognised in this way by experts in the field is very gratifying and makes the hard work worthwhile.”

Professor Meldrum added: “Mark is an outstanding young scientist. This project called on skills he already possessed as a materials chemist but required him to learn new research techniques and analysis. He makes a wonderful recipient of this award.”

Mark will formally receive his award from the British Association for Crystal Growth President at the organisation’s next annual meeting, He will also be give a cheque for £250.

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