Upskilling Lancashire offers ‘return to work after lockdown’ workshops

19 May 2020

UpSkilling Lancashire invites you, your work colleagues and business contacts to attend the following free workshops to help plan and prepare for a return to work post-shutdown.  As the easing of restrictions begin to be lifted, now is the time to plan ahead, and this includes both the practical and mental approaches needed to successfully navigate the ‘new normal’.

Places can be booked now

Mentally Preparing for a Post-Shutdown Return – Wednesday 20th May @ 10.30am – this workshop will help provide returning employees to cope mentally with the stress that could accompany the return to work. Including the aspects of change management, stress management and mentally coping. Focusing on the real feelings and emotions employees may be feeling on their return to work.
Facilitated in association with Goster Ltd, the session will be delivered by experienced trainer Michael Quigley

Adaptability for Leaders and Managers during Covid-19 – Wednesday 27th May @ 10.00am – the greatest asset a leader has is their team. Aimed at those in a leadership position, this workshop will cover adaptability and personal resilience, with the emotional transition and adaptation required by leaders and managers in the current high pressure environment. Dealing with understanding more on how to be flexible, performance indicators and the power of coaching change.
Facilitated in association with Win In Minds, the session will be delivered by experienced trainer Mick Stott

High Pressure, Low Stress – Managing Workplace Stress Post-Covid-19 – 9Tuesday 2nd June @ 10.00am – in the short-term, as pressure is likely to be greater than it was before Covid-19, this workshop will get behind what we call stress, understanding our emotions better and the practical strategies to help regulate emotions and build resilience, working together to create an emotionally safe, stress-resistant workplace.
The session will be delivered by Jon Myhill from specialist mental health training provider ‘KNOW’,

Coming Out of Lockdown: A Practical HR Guide – Thursday 4th June @ 10.30am – aimed at business decision makers and managers, this workshop will address the potential post-lockdown planning required on a variety of HR issues, such as new policies and procedures, restructuring and flexible working arrangements. Offering a practical and common sense approach to HR implementation.
The session will be delivered by industry expert, Jason Govindji-Bruce from NORI HR and Employment Law

Live Recording: Please note that these on-line workshops will be recorded and made available for viewing at a later date. If you cannot attend on the day of the live broadcast, please email in the UpSkilling Lancashire Team with details of the workshop(s) you’d like to have access to, and a link will be provided at a later date.

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