What More UK Investing in Future of Employees and Young Adults in Education

28 August 2019

What More UK are investing in the future of employees and young adults in education through funding apprenticeship and NVQ courses at their Altham-based warehouse site.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of plasticware, bakeware and cookware, What More UK – in conjunction with Themis – are the ideal professionals to learn from. They enjoy industry leading status and front the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign as one of the founding members. Employees in education at Wham receive real working experience on the factory floor, with What More having invested over £1 million in their tool room.

A number of their existing employees, including James Howell and Alex Graham, have recently completed their NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship in Performance Engineering Operations. Two young adult learners, William Moat and Izaak Holden are close to completing their respective courses.

William, who is finishing off his NVQ Extended Diploma for Engineering with a focus on tool maintenance, commented: “What More UK have provided a fantastic learning opportunity for me, and many others. It’s very telling of a company when they invest in the progression of their employees and I feel very proud to now be nearing the end of my chosen course with them. We all received a £50 voucher for Sutcliffe Tools on completion of our courses, little things like this really make you feel appreciated. I would definitely recommend working at Wham to any young person in education who wants to make an earning while learning!”

Izaak, Apprentice in Manufacturing, added: “When I first started at Wham I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I have shadowed people along the way and picked up the trade. They’ve let me do a lot of independent work as well, once they knew I could do it myself, which has improved my skills a lot. I really hope to be staying on here when my apprenticeship comes to an end; the company have helped me grow and learn a lot.”

What More UK are continuing to invest in the future of their employees and have recently welcomed Matthew Ingham – a 2nd generation family member – to their team. Matthew’s father is one of What More’s key engineers with 20 years’ service. To enquire about completing an apprenticeship at What More UK call 01282 687030

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