Calyx Drinks set to launch into 28 Booths stores

Source: Calyx Drinks 19 June 2020

Calyx Drinks are set to launch into 28 Booths stores at the end of June with a range of natural flower drinks.

Raphael Ogunrinde (Calyx)

Lancashire based Calyx Drinks are passionate about flowers, natural ingredients and wellbeing.  The drinks are craft brewed using dried flowers, herbs and spices mixed with natural juices.  All drinks are vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society, naturally gluten free and caffeine free.

Raphael Ogunrinde founder and director of Calyx Drinks: “we are so happy to launch into another key retailer for us.  This now means our unique drinks will be available for Booths consumers”.

The Calyx Drinks range includes flavours such as: Calyx Wild, Calyx Blush, Calyx Calm, Calyx Shine and Calyx Zobo.  All contrast with each other and provide a different flavour profile for your taste buds to enjoy.  Booths have selected ‘Calyx Wild’ which pairs hibiscus, ginger and apple juice and will also stock ‘Calyx Calm’ which pairs camomile, turmeric and apple juice.

Part of the success of Calyx Drinks is the versatility of how you can enjoy the drinks.  They are a great “grown up” soft drink alternative to alcohol but also a fantastic mixer in cocktails.

Suzi Wynne, Commercial Manager of Calyx Drinks: “it’s a great fit for Lancashire’s finest grocer to stock a Lancashire based craft drink.  I am certainly proud to be a part of this partnership”.

Available to buy in 2 flavours Wild and Calm (750ml size) in store from 29th June 2020.

Calyx Drinks are also listed in selected John Lewis Food Halls.

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