redefining heritage

Heritage across the cities, towns, valleys and coast of Lancashire is as striking as it is diverse. The rugged landscape is punctuated with Medieval towers, Arts and Crafts homes, Roman archaeology, Elizabethan Halls, castles, Georgian townhouses and the Victorian Mills borne out of the Industrial Revolution. These extraordinary buildings are enveloped by wild woodland and manicured gardens, open to the public for play, exercise and refuge.

Beyond stunning exteriors, Lancashire’s museums are home to treasures of national and international significance. World-class paintings, Egyptology, Victorian wildlife taxidermy, Japanese art, handcrafted glass and textiles collected by industrialists and philanthropists who travelled the world and brought back riches for the citizens of Lancashire to study and enjoy.

But it’s the stories of Lancastrians that bring heritage to life and fire the imagination.

From the visionaries – who commissioned top architects to design their homes, to the workers who toiled in the cotton and wool Mills generating huge wealth for the country.

There are innovators, ahead of the curve investing in new technology; philanthropists championing education, art and craft; and the radical voices advocating for social justice and equality.

Meet the entrepreneurs who brought the railways and tourism to coastal communities and local heroes fighting for freedom in the Great War.

There are also difficult stories like the connection between the mills to the transatlantic slave trade. Yet even uncomfortable truths help us understand Lancashire’s history and how it continues to shape the world today. Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution with roots that reach further back than the Romans, these places, stories and treasures continue to engage local communities and surprise tourists. Ongoing research and work with our communities reveal new stories and contemporary interpretations and a vibrant changing exhibition programme and family activities throughout the year means there is plenty to delight and inspire visitors of all ages.

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