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Lancashire has a story to tell. A story of natural beauty, of hard working people, of legacy and of the future. Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Lancashire is a place that makes things. Innovation is in our DNA.

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redefining unforgettable

Whether it’s to enjoy our rich culture and heritage, to take to our coast and hills for fresh-air fun and some of the best outdoor activities around, or to learn why we’re referred to as ‘food & drink country’ thanks to authentic local produce that’s second to none. Many of the people who visit Lancashire return time and again and more and more are staying for longer breaks and holidays because a day just isn’t long enough here.

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redefining lifestyle

Lancashire isn’t just a stellar place to do business, it is also a county offering a superb way of life, with our picturesque villages, traditional towns and lively cities, a 137-mile coastline, vast swathes of unspoilt countryside, a diverse culture, top gastropubs and award-winning hospitality that welcomes over 69 million visitors a year. Isn’t it time you took a closer look at Lancashire?

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redefining tasty

Whatever your taste in food and drink you will find something to satisfy your taste buds. The Lancashire landscape is integral to the food and drink grown and made here. The heather strewn moorland provides succulent meats, the salt deposits in the low lands around Garstang and Chipping have given us the Lancashire milk fields; an area famed for its cheeses.

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redefining innovation

Whatever the form or function of our creations, Lancashire can be rightly proud of an amazing pedigree for invention, ingenuity and innovation. The businesses based here not only excel at having bright ideas, but also know how to convert those ideas into burgeoning enterprises.

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redefining study

Lancashire’s four universities attract thousands of national and international students and research fellows every year. They have been working hard to redefine their offer and create a campus experience that is safe but social, allowing students to enjoy everything life at uni should be.

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redefining travel

Lancashire has always been easy to get to and to get around, from pretty much anywhere in the world. However, at the moment as travel restrictions continue, we are aware that people are looking to alternative modes of transport.

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redefining culture

A dynamic economic county with a compelling story to tell. Lancashire is a place of rich contrasts: thriving urban centres and growing cities, rolling green countryside and a beautiful coastline. A county of colour, history, diversity and incredible opportunity.

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