Communications campaign and digital assets

Businesses across Lancashire have been hugely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, some have been shut for months with zero income.

As the lockdown begins to ease, we need to create a communications campaign that will help to begin economic recovery. This plan needs to be embedded within the wider work of the recovery groups that have been established in response to the crisis.

There are multiple, complex messages that need to communicated, including the necessary safety massages and practical changes to transport infrastructure, plus more challenging issues on areas such as domestic abuse and safeguarding, which we need to ensure that we do not interfere with.

However, this campaign aims to build confidence and trust in business, employee and visitor audiences. We want to move away from the somewhat clinical nature of ‘Covid-19’ messaging towards something friendlier, warmer, welcoming, something more ‘Lancashire’.

We chose redefining as we believe it is the right balance between building on all the amazing assets that still exist in the county, but evolving and redefining the way that we do things.

We deliberately went for ‘redefining’ rather than ‘redefined, as this is an ongoing process and we recognise that there is much to do the help build the county back stronger.

This is also not only about how we can redefine the county, but all those aspects of life and work that the county can work to redefine…

We have created a range of digital assets for partners to utilise here:

Logo colour usage


Images for use on social

Gifs for use on social

Email footer graphics

Instagram stories graphics


Examples of how the assets will work can been found below: