Places of Interest Quality Assurance Scheme (PIQAS)

PIQAS has been developed to provide a number of tools for operators of places of visitor interest to enhance quality and spread best practice within the sector. The service offers a consumer focused quality assessment, helping to identify strengths and highlight development areas, based on industry examples.

The broad theme of a place of interest can range from pure fun to high culture. Each place of interest will be looked at within the context of the general sector in which it sits.

All areas that impact on the visitor experience are included in a quality assessment, ranging from the initial enquiry through to departure. The assessment will recognise areas that may be unique as well as common areas. Where a place of interest doesn’t have a particular facility, such as a car park or catering, that aspect will not be included. The service does not attempt to grade places of interest but will assess each on its own merits using objective quality benchmarks.

PIQAS Benefits of Participation

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